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About Logan Melissa

I got a thousand old records in my crib and I can out-Doom-lyrics you. YES, YOU.


1 – Tote bag

2 – Car keys

3 – Money & Amoeba credits

4 – Cute lil Vaseline for lips

5 – Two phones – I need to get directions and text and look up prices on Discogs and take pics, what am I supposed to do.

6 – Vlog camera, in case I start doing that

7 – Hand wipes. This is dirty, dusty business.

8, 9 – Snacks!

10 – Mirror

11 – Purse

Birthday girl!

Vinyl, like any other narcotic, is measured in weight to truly assess its value. I went on a digging excursion and got so much vinyl that it made my goddamn car’s passenger seatbelt sensor go off. And that, my dears, is how you know you’ve had a successful dig.