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Am I a bad person because I like that Weezy/Game song more than I should and that Lil B/Grae/Phonte song less than I should?

God no! I’m a bad person because I crave material goods and I want all these things for my birthday.

That picture of James Baldwin and Nina Simone.

Roberto Bolaño, The Return.

Curren$y, now rather than later. Make it happen, tiger.

Derek Lam’s ram-head-clasp bag. Because, you see, Aries is my sign, I know that I can rhyme. Sometimes I rhyme in wiggles, plus I make the honeys wiggle.

Soft furry pelts and boots, and a room that’s sunny all the time–and empty except for a bed. Apartment 15 simply doesn’t have the room.

My ideal man gets me cruelty-free fur and lets me be Frank Lucas’ side piece in my spare time. Here’s Diane Kruger, livin the dream.

Bobby Womack – “Across 110th Street.” Just found out Bobby’s got a brother named Friendly and that’s real funny, ’cause friendly is what I’d like to get with some sheets and fur in a room that’s sunny all the time (and empty except for a bed).