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Big scary gay hurricane a-comin’

Umm “National Organization for Marriage” (ha!), I’m not 100% in love with your tone right now.

They’re talking about the fact that God doesn’t like it when people with the same sexual parts join each other in a mutually loving and respectful union. God cares about these things, obvs. He’s got nothing better to do, or to think about.

But they’re also talking about Barry O’s Jesus-hating administration stomping all over their right to deny people quality medical care because the invisible man in the sky told ’em to. Perhaps a career other than medicine would’ve been a better choice for you then, hm? Let’s think it through next time, yeah.

“Love is patient, love is kind, and is not jealous; love does not brag and is not arrogant, does not act unbecomingly; it does not seek its own (will), is not provoked, does not take into account a wrong suffered, does not rejoice in unrighteousness…” – Apostle Paul.

The morons in the video above have amended this statement, clarifying for us all that love can only take place when there is a penis and a vagina present.

UGH. Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right. Hold me, the Jesus monsters are scary.

In conclusion…fuck off, Damon Owens. (Sorry, that’s not ladylike. But good grief.)

Time 4 Sum Aksion

Oh dear, another one of my ex-boyfriends is feeling the effects of the economy (Method Man’s Navigator repo’d due to $52k in unpaid taxes. Whoopsy!). However, all I really care about is THIS:

Despite possible financial issues, Method Man is still finding time to give back to the community. In April, the rapper and longtime collaborator Redman will be sponsoring a day of free haircuts for kids at a Staten Island barbershop.

“We have wonderfully loyal customers and felt this was just another way of rewarding them during these unusually hard economic times,” Tariq, a barber at the shop, said in a statement.

On the music side of things, Meth and Red released a new song last week called “A Yo,” (which I did not care for) and are reportedly working on a new collaboration album — their first since 1999’s Blackout!

I find Redman to be quite comical and a damn good MC. Now I just need to get to that barber shop in Shaolin and convince them I’m a 9-to-12-year-old.

Pouty-face cuz USC AND Siena lost and that messed up my whole stupid bracket.

When it’s properly used, it’s almost invincible

See, I have this thing where I’m really curious about random things & get excited when I learn new stuff…
it tends to be boy stuff because I like boy stuff. But ‘member, it’s like I always say: tomboyish tendencies in a girly package, ya dig. Upon further review, this one’s not all that random since I was drenched in Wu from the time I was like 15.


The Quick Trick: Samurai wore elaborate armor and never stabbed anybody in the back; ninjas wore no armor and loved stabbing people in the back.

The Explanation:
The word samurai is somewhat analogous to European knight: They were considered nobility, worked for noble higher-ups, and were renowned for their great bravery and code of honor. So much so that all the little kids wanted to grow up to be samurai! (Or so we imagine.) Ninja, on the other hand, were well-disguised mercenary assassins governed by no code save secrecy.

The samurai arose in the 10th century, working as a kind of police force for the Japanese city of Kyoto. By the 12th century, the samurai life as we know it today was established; samurai were well-educated men who could read, write, and kill thanks to their extensive martial arts training. They also adhered to the Bushido, an orally transmitted ethical code that forbade samurai from striking enemies from behind or pillaging unnecessarily. It also required them to commit ritual suicide, known as Seppuku, if they dishonored themselves or the samurai tradition.

At the peak of the tradition, between 7 and 10 percent of the Japanese population—most of Japan’s army—were considered samurai. And although samurai are usually depicted with swords, they did adapt to modern warfare with firearms in the late 16th century. In fact, samurai helped Japan to win wars against Korea, China, and even Spain, staying on the scene until the end of the 19th century.

If the samurai relied upon a code of honor, the ninja relied upon their stealth and ferocity. Technically, a ninja is anyone who practices the Japanese martial art ninjutsu (meaning that you, too, can become a ninja just by visiting your local neighborhood dojo!). Because ninjutsu teaches everything from stick fighting and knife throwing to disguising yourself and predicting the weather, figures like the 16th-century Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu have employed ninja tactics to escape enemies early in their political careers. But almost from the beginning, the myth of the ninja proved even more compelling than the reality of them. Long before their portrayal in movies, ninjas were romanticized by everyday Japanese citizens, who shared stories of the ninjas flying, or making themselves invisible. The real ninjas, meanwhile, were mostly schlepping about, spying and assassinating, just trying to pay the bills.

There’s a quiet storm/and it never felt like this before

Mendacity is a system that we live in.
Liquor is one way out and death’s the other.

– Tennessee Williams
Peep game/I’m ridiculous, part 743. “Why yes, let’s go sunbathe on the roof
with the newspaper and our whiskey bottle,
and take some pics to document the occasion.”

What we have here is me + Jameson* (“gift” from my neighbor),
plus yet another goal I have set for myself and accomplished.
Is it evident I’m slightly intoxicated here? (one drink; everybody just calm down)
I am convinced you can see it but GF (lady photog) disagrees.

* “Sine metu” on the label = “without fear” in Latin!

Charles Hamilton – “Way Cool”

“Never spit the same bar twice/never hit the same bar twice.”

“White girls love me, I’m playin them off/only Clarissa be explainin it all.”

I see Jim Jones’ classic rhyme-a-word-with-the-same-word and basic dumb raps style has been boosted in this track right here. But CH gets away with it cuz he’s so painfully ironic that it’s a joke within a joke within an enigmatic riddle wrapped in a punchline and tied with a big bow on top. Being self-referential and extra-extra postmodern will win you points with this lady, gentlemen.

The “Clarissa Explains It All” THEME SONG, people. He flipped it & BOUNCED it. You guys, I’m hanging my head in shame. I don’t want to like this but it’s sugary sweet to my little girly ears. This track, it makes me feel warm in special places. Ours is a forbidden love.