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Lamont Dozier! (06/16/41)

More birthday craze, kids! As a highly regarded graduate of Music Nerd Academy, I GETS MINES when it comes to Holland-Dozier-Holland. They produced 8 billion Motown songs that you know all the words to and this made it difficult for me to decide on a song to post (OMG, “Baby Love”! “Reflections”! “How Sweet It Is”!).

But after much thought, I’m comfortable with my decision to post this one, the musical definition of the word bittersweet:

Oh yeah, when you see me smile
You know things have gotten worse
Any smile you might see
Has all been rehearsed

Those harmonies and finger snaps and the minor key, sigh! Pining away for your lover makes you hurt inside but it feels so good, no?

They also produced a bunch of Supremes stuff, which basically just provides an excuse for me to post this, a Clothing Item I Need In Order To Survive:

(back in ’95 I had a raging crush on Jeff Pang. Swoon.)

After the glory days of Motown from ’62-’67, due to some nasty litigation between Holland-Dozier-Holland and industry bawss Berry Gordy, they broke the fuck out and started their own label, Hot Wax–home to the singing lady fierceness known as Honey Cone,

who you guys know about because nearly every damn time we go to Fatburger I pick “Want Ads” as one of my 3 songs for $1 on the jukebox.

(And also cuz Common sampled “Innocent ‘Til Proven Guilty.”)


Booming like a speaker with my hundred dollar sneakers/baggy black jeans, knapsack, and my beeper

Aw, you know I can’t resist a room full of crabby old people talking about back when times were good and music really meant something! Who’s comin with me?

Goddammit if I’m not strangely fulfilled by being caught up in a crowd of fellow pale-skinned college graduates in a dark room, watching old people clutching microphones, reciting couplets into them, and walking to and fro on stage. Also, I enjoy
being stared at like I have 3 heads for being 1 of like 7 humans with lady parts at a hiphop show.

In closing, people of Earth and the blogosphere: if I am not in attendance at this show I will be filled with sorrow and regret for the rest of my days.

5ft, Evil Dee & Buckshot!

(Brothers who Lyrically Act and Combine Kickin Music Out On Nations.
It’s an awful, awful, terribly wack anagram. Sorry to have to bring you this information.)

PS, I need to post this before I pass out from an overdose of “Clothing Item That I Must Own”–
Hi there, Dawaun Parker!,
Dr. Dre protégé (YAY) and “Relapse” producer (NOPE),
and my newest BFF who will let me have this shirt
so I can lounge around my apartment in it
and practice being extra hiphop in it
and sleep in it:

Pedro Bell gets the hypebeast treatment

Ryan Hickey was always underrated! Moving on…

Supreme put together this feature about the stupendous Pedro Bell, who designed all the Funkadelic cover goodness.

I grew up in atheistic, heathen, analog bliss in a cloud of weed smoke thanks to my leftists for parents, the 2 least uptight people on the planet who had the whole discography up to Uncle Jam Wants You. I remember being a kid and seeing booties and nipples and nekkidness on these covers, and look, I turned out just fine. Mom and Dad/they knew the time!

Supreme also decided to provide us all with this tour de force of a t-shirt. If you’re my future husband, congrats, cuz you’re gonna get laced by me. Act surprised, tell me I’m the greatest, put D’Angelo’s “Lady” on the hi-fi in tribute to me, and then graciously let me borrow the shirt, k? (thanks in advance; I’ll wear it as pj’s).

Items I need in order to keep living, part 6,908

I see my future and all of these items are contained therein. We are destined to be together.
Please help.

Oh my! Summery days, drinkin a Coke from the store on the corner of my block, a hundred degrees outside, just listening to records in the lovely little studio apartment. Or for trysts with my boyfriend.


3., you’ll be hearing from my attorney for constantly and successfully extracting cash from my checking account. Knock it off.

Style War!

Complex is having a stupid yet completely awesome and necessary competition to see which MC is the freshest, style-wise. This makes my little music-nerd heart go pitter-pat. Only one man left standing in this dojo at the end!

1 vs 2. OH DEAR. No idea. 39 vs 40 kinda makes my head hurt too.

35 vs 36. Mr. Rhymes, please see yourself out.

43 vs 44. I am confused and terrified, yet excited. 2 of my tortured/brilliant boyfriends, battlin.

11 vs 12. Good one, Complex boys. I see you. El oh ellll. I love a good ’80s-MC-engaged-in-lyrical-beef reference.

The Saturday Knights – “Count It Off”

‘Member when rappers looked like this? Things done changed.
I like an MC that looks like he can fix my car and doesn’t wear tighter pants than me.

This is the song of the summer, even though it’s only late March!

I dare you not to like this.
And I’m serious, you can tell, cuz of my very LARGE FONT.

Sesame Street-ish-ness & dudes with a sense of humor & a catchy hook =
The music gods are smiling upon me this day.

The Saturday Knights – “Count It Off” from Lincoln Leopard Films on Vimeo.

Raw like cocaine straight from Bolivia

Oh have you not heard about my NBA affiliation?

I saw a dude wearing this last week at the park next to the office & got kinda excited.
“LEN BIAS!” I wanted to say, & walk over to see if he’d tell me where he got it, but I was too shy.
I had to find it, though…
Luckily my hypebeast game is extra tight & I did, yay.

I find that dudes in LA wear sports gear for fashion, not cuz they like the actual sport or any specific team– except you, dude at La Cita with that nice “Mbenga!” tee last night. Sorry if you saw me staring, sir;
I shoulda said something, it was quite a nice-looking design.
It was a good game last night, no? Me + Adam Morrison’s moustache have a love affair happening.