The hustle is a thing which cannot be knocked (variations on a theme)

1. “From the motion picture soundtrack album NEW JACK CITY, available on cassette and Compact Disc.”

Going through crates n’ stacks n’ leaned-against-the-wall random groupings of records (Super Cat, the Impressions, Yes, Love, the Chi-Lites, that Dr. Buzzard’s song from that Ghosty song (“Cherchez,” I think-?), the “We’re All in the Same Gang” 12″, something called Music for Astronauts, annnnnd Cheap Trick of course), you realize you have stuff you had forgotten about. In my brain I got a capitalist migraine/bassline/Bobbi Humphrey. Moving’s not so bad.

2. Fillmore Slim.

It’s a lot of psychological wear and tear to be a woman and carry around something that you know has been traded and sold forever and ever (a woman’s body). The female form is currency. It’s just ill. If you were a lady you’d think about such things too. Oh and is Magic City hiring?

3. I heard you did the right thing and donated some of your tax refund to Bryan Stow for his medical care. You’re a good person and now I’ll either let you see me naked or just do a blog tribute post to you (coin flip). The kindness hustle is the one you never hear about in mixtapes but it’s probably my favorite out of them all.


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