Oh Word: Bavitz 2011 edition.

[end rap] is probably a thing Rawss writes in his notebook so he knows when to stop heaving cliches into the microphone. End rap, William!, he jots down. He underlines it for emphasis.

A slow-witted fellow whose skills include really capitalizing on the popularity of DePalma and really pushing my buttons, Rawss once tried to get away with the line Lookin straight in the eyes, they show vagina on a professional mixed tape. I heard his gmail password is “password,” too. Or “password1,” maybe, to try to throw people off.

When [end rap] is on an Aesey-related transcription, though, it is charming. And when Aesey discusses the cancer beast, it’s all heart and alienation*, that mix at which he is great. (The whole “masticated fuscia”/“baby teeth” thing, and the flow charts/beeping couplet are especially lovely)

* “what it is to be a fucking human being” (David Foster Wallace)

The verse is about Camu Tao and it’s on a new Kimya Dawson song called “Walk Like Thunder.” You’ll feel a little down after his verse because disease is a shattering thing, but then he swoops in and reminds you that you’re here, you’re not a robot, this is life, you’re breathing, and there’s pie! There’s pie.


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