Eyes up here, buddy.

Whether a man is drawn to a woman’s body or her face may depend on whether he sees her as a short-term fling or a long-term lover LiveScience.

Men considering just a fling with a woman were more likely to peek at a picture of her body than men who were thinking about a long-term relationship, research found. The guys considering a long-term relationship showed a preference for looking at her face.

The findings may reflect men’s evolutionary drives… Men who want a fling may be subconsciously looking to a woman’s waistline to judge the woman’s current fertility. Men looking for long-term partners, on the other hand, may be more interested in her face for clues of reproductive potential in the future.

Otis Ray Redding, jr. covering Samuel Cooke – “You Send Me.”
I don’t want to hear your version of “B.M.F.” that you just put on YouTube, and I don’t want to discuss Kolb v. Vick in Philly. I just want you to play this, darling. It’s OK if you look down there more than up here, but only while this song is on.



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