Girl in late-’90s Civic seeks good pop music, 09/06/10

Pop radio. Just ‘cause radio don’t play you don’t mean that you great.

Fuck art; let’s dance.

The first in the Wu pantheon to open 36 Chambers was RZA. It was closed by GZA and his mention of green clovers.

The inverse of this is true too—just ‘cause they play it on the radio while I’m driving the mighty 101 don’t mean it’s terrible.

That little gambit failed me as well.

This is thorny business.

Alabama—“No DJ”

Anthony Hamilton’s voice over John Legend’s.

____ sitting with you listening to (Scorsese, watching gangster movies)


Big Boi, DJ

Nipsey Hussle, sandwich
Chris Brown, dunking

Cancer, mushrooms
Little Rock 9

today in street harassment.

Can’t leave no yay-per trail.

They’re trying to convince us that Mark Zuckerberg is some kind of Henry Hill-ish character, a real grimy, sexually exciting kind of cyberthug, aided by a Kanye music track, but that’s unsuccessful too.

, my synapses firing, fresh from bathin’ suit shopping, my emotions are held captive by radio DJs—or, more accurately, by the corporate interests of Clear Channel Media, Inc., owner of 96% of LA radio. You turn to KCRW and KPFK for , but you turn to pop radio for the familiar, the comfortably cozy. And because of my place on the autism spectrum, I have a gift that allows me to connect them all, to see the unseen. Danny Torrance and I have it—the shinin’.

“Shotgun” – I’ve visited this one before. It’s about high heels and shooting somebody, yet it all makes wonderful and perfect sense. Produced by Barry Gordy, who, in typical label-head fashion, .

Miguel—“All I want is you” (shotgun in the drop, made a right). This one’ll get that estrogen flowing, like when Gaga comes on the playlist loop at H&M. Every lady in the store knows every word.

Usher, “Hot Toddy” – Jay-Z

“You Nasty” – Lil Wayne, into the New Boyz–wait for it–“You Nasty.”

Tool, “The Pot”

“Ain’t Nobody.” The Roger Linn keyboard loop. It was produced by Russ Titelman, who also did Randy Newman’s “I Love L.A.”—a song that is about hating L.A. I can relate, as I hate this goddamn place—except when bathing suits are on sale at Barneys! And when “Ain’t Nobody” comes on the radio!

“Higher Ground.” Stevie is, in fact, my own personal Jesus. Interestingly, he only says higher once in the song—elsewhere in the lyrics, it’s all highest.

“Strangelove” – dépêche mode, the very best kind of mode there is. Dave Bascombe produced it, as well as wayway overdone American Idol favorite “Get Here” by Oleta Adams. The album title Music for the Masses predates the “You are going to fucking love this album” attitude adopted by Black Milk, who non-humbly named his next opus Album of the Year).

“You Nasty”—New Boyz. The whole damn thing went by without either of these 2 young men mentioning something called “motorboating.”

“Sunny”—‘cause of Bobby Hebb; hey, have you ever heard James Brown’s hot burning fire version? You should. YouTube comment: Lady Gaga, you peace of crap. Watch Gods incarnation of groove, bow down to Sir unbeatable electrifying unreachable Mr. James Brown and repent you no good for nothing iluminati bitch.

“Throw it in the Bag” radio killaaaaa. Fabo: speedy, duffle. I broadcast from LA, where boys don’t know who played in the Super Bowl last year but they can tell you about Comme des Garçons’ last collection. Apparently the same thing happens in Brooklyn, if Loso’s subject matter is any indicatoin. I do not care for young men who know a lot about ladies’ handbags. This is exceedingly effeminate to me–the opposite of what gets me to disrobe. If I wanted to go steady with a girl, I’d go ahead and do that.

I need joy in my music, especially when I get that high from commandeering a Japanese coupe through traffic-less stretches of freeway. Joy, of course, is melody, a nice drum pattern, a sing-along chorus, and bass on top of bass.

Ray j gary oldman in True Romance. Stripper heels.

Big Boi – not on the radio (yet); so far it’s just fodder for driving fantasies.

____, and something called “motorboating.”

E-40: bitch

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