That new Black Milk video presents everything grand and joyful about life in just under 4 minutes.

There’s the Stevie Wonder mention, the rapper-who-can-produce and producer-who-can-rap factor, and, of course, the undisputed mightiness of DRUM LOOPS (front and center in every Black Milk creation). And after watching it 12 times, I’ve noticed that this video work that’s been commissioned by Black Milk to accompany the music has every fantastic thing about life, large and small, that makes all the rotten things about life worth dealing with.

An overall masculine carriage. Seeing a handsome young gentlemen from a major metropolitan area executing the getting-out-the-car move, followed by the look-behind move, all in one fluid mating-call performance. I don’t wanna get into or think about the complicated and heavy history between the black man and the white woman in America; I just wanna say Be still my shy, nerdy, suburban-raised heart when I see this, have my heart swell with appreciation and a little lust, and then I wanna move on to the next thing. Watching this part in the video, which is of course in slow motion, I know exactly what all the girls must’ve felt like seeing David Ruffin on stage.
Boldness, cleanness, unclutteredness. Contrast. Simplicity. Pleasing-to-the-eye-ness.
(particularly of the sans-serif kind)
Individuals whose whole identity is wrapped up in how tall they are. Those people are the best.
Body needlework in a place that must’ve been painful.
Facial scruff.
The hero shot.
Legendary humans. Fitteds. Appreciation. Buddies. Bowing your head in reverence to those greater than ourselves.
Feelin like Jesus/Superman.
Something well-built and shapely that is not a girl in a bathing suit. (although we love those, too).
Bending corners. Sunshine on chrome.
That shade of blue.
American sturdiness (when cars were metal instead of plastic).
The city of Detroit.
This is also the part where Royce says he’s old school like Dean Pritchard.
Fluffy nimbus clouds and the bright blue sky.
People applying themselves (At 1:47, Royce’s voice suddenly takes on a loudness and urgency, like he just realized he’s on a track about slaying individuals lyrically and that song happens to be produced by Black Milk. So, you know, time for the A Game.)
Large egos that are deserved due to one’s skill set (“I don’t even write seriously; I just fuck around”).

“Pockets go green like it was Earth Day.” Cash.
German cars.
A pop of perfect blue against gray and black and concrete drabness.
That shade of blue! (looks better in the video; this pic can’t quite capture it)
White Ts on dudes.
(Gentlemen, you’ll never understand it. I don’t understand it.
But when they are wrinkle-free and have that freshly-laundered smell, they are pure aphrodisiacal magic.)

Social criticism. Parodying dummy right-wingers.
(from the way this is framed in the video, it’s clear that this sticker is ironic and the whole shot has a mocking tone.
At least, that’s how it appears to me. But I’m right about most things.)
Rappin in sync with your friend(s) while driving! Is anything better? (No.)
Pausing for introspection. Thinking about yourself and where you fit in this crazy world.

Gerard Victor Atillo, don’t know how you did it but I’m glad you did. Just, next time, try to include Ron Artest, my mom, bathing suits, Nutella, and kittens.


One thought on “That new Black Milk video presents everything grand and joyful about life in just under 4 minutes.

  1. Dart Adams

    Those three need to make a project together provided Black doesn't erase all of Elzhi's vocal by mistake like he did to Sean P on “Random Axe”.

    “Album Of The Year” is about to own shit come September 14th. Same day Bilal's “Airtight's Revenge” drops. Later comes “Random Axe”.

    Black bodied BlackRock's “Yeah Yeah”, too. I as surprised as he is no one freaked it yet…



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