Hustling: notes on a theme.

The whores hustle and the hustlers whore. Wake up, princess. The word hustle comes from an old Dutch expression meaning “to shake to and fro.”

The buscones of the Dominican Republic, doing that thing where poor dark-skinned people have some sort of valuable commodity that they can exchange for being less poor, and that commodity somehow becomes commodified further.,9171,2004099,00.html

DR beisbol:
The D.R. is baseball’s puppy mill. The buscones develop and sometimes feed and house these teenage players, with the intent of selling them to the highest bidder, a major league team willing to fork over thousands, if not millions, of dollars to secure a prospect. As a reward for their work, buscones typically pocket 25% to 50% of the prospect’s signing bonus. Many folks in the Dominican Republic resent being labeled a buscón because of the term’s other connotation: swindler.

Read more:,9171,2004099,00.html#ixzz0vPg42MOH

– Am Apparel

“I don’t believe in God. I’m a pure Jewish hustler,” Dov Charney said this back in ’04, but it’s fun to dust off every once in a while.

That makes the US economy of 2009-10 Dov’s personal Nicky Santoro. They all get felled eventually.

Don Cornelius, network TV hustlemaniac.

To pose, show my rings and my fat gold chain
Grab the mic like I’m on Soul Train
Soul Train, please, ; Gamble & Huff did the theme song
The Average White Band talking in their cute Scottish accents, Elton John out-flamboyanting 8 Georgia rappers combined, James Brown being skeptical that the Don could be running the whole operation without some Caucasoid financial backing. outside the studio Jesse Jackson doing a call-and-response I am somebody and goddammit if I didn’t join right in.
Songs about people all over the world? You just can’t go wrong. (people make the )
Al Green was rather foxy? It would never have worked out between us, what with his deeply religious ways and my devout atheism.

pink socks
Darren Hauck/EPA

Rich old white men and pretty girls run this crazy world of ours. Being a pretty girl is the greatest hustle of all. If you’re going to be anything, be a pretty girl. Don’t pretend like you don’t know. Von Unwerth.

Amar’e Stoudamire, Zionist soldier and agent of Mossad, doing the ol’ PR hustle. Like bathing-suited video girls, it’s boring, it’s stupid, and it works. He’s Jewish, he says, because his mom’s Jewish, which even this Irish-blooded atheist young lady knows is the policy in Judaism. This also happens to get the Knicks in the news for something other than being, you know, Knicks-levels awful on the court. Get ’em, Amar’e! Hard in the paint!

The Alchemist, Stan Getz, Spector, Lieber, Stoller, Carole King, and Lyor of course, we all have Bar Refaeli’s WHR, Rahm Emanuel’s ice-grilling, “fuck you”-throwing facially expressive abilities
For every Ezra Koenig and every Drake and every Ben Stein and every Dov,

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