Butterfly in the sky/I can go twice as hiiiiiigh. Plus new Mos Def!

Me and my precious new rectangular baby, How to Wreck a Nice Beach!

It was a lovely weekend. Special shout to Stories, the good people at Urban Outfitters who make consistently pretty dresses for girls with hips, the “Ha Ha” instrumental, Bruce Haack, Nutella always, Bob Power for being named Bob Power and for ruling, KCRW for playing Little Willie John’s “My Love Is” at the exact perfect moment on Sunday afternoon, and Mr. Tompkins, of course. Even in a perfect world, where everyone was equal, Dave would most likely own the film rights and be working on the sequel.

But don’t take my word for it.

“Reading Rainbow” theme. Horrendous sound quality, but kindly disregard that.


Joe Tex – “Buying a Book.”


Gil Scott-Heron featuring Mos Def – “New York is Killing Me.” Mos added his verse, cleaned up the BP oil spill, then rode off into the sunset.


(Thank you, Pitchfork)


One thought on “Butterfly in the sky/I can go twice as hiiiiiigh. Plus new Mos Def!

  1. Dart Adams

    Dave Tompkins vocoder book? *Smacks forehead* I've been so busy with my radio show I forgot all about it (Damn you Stones Throw, Hyperdub, Warp, Lucky Me, All City & Alpha Pup!). Now I must delve into my digital rolodex (do those even still exist?) to figure out who to beg so I can get this tome into my filthy blogger hands…


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