Do I have to keep on talking til I can’t go on?

The reason for the “Epic humans” tag on this blog.

Bron-Bron to New York maybe, Elena Kagan’s preference of sexual intercourse partner somehow means something, trappin may be dead at this point, and the color of the sky above has changed, but nothing else matters on May 13 except for the fact that the god Stevie was born on this very day in 1950. If you think of a way to capture in language the influence of this man, you’re kind of a jerk for trying but I’m jealous of your ability. (PS, call me; we should probably be sleeping together).

This is the best song I could think of to post, because of each beautiful and perfect note from that clavinet, and because Bobbito played it right after “Tears of a Clown” at Wonderfull ’05 and it made me collapse right there on the floor, a quivering mass of estrogen and joy. Familiarity breeds contempt, they say, except when you’re talking about the Stevie Wonder catalogue.

We Can Work It Out. Saginaw > Liverpool.



2 thoughts on “Do I have to keep on talking til I can’t go on?

  1. jay!

    Again, you put into words what I wish I could share with the masses. The fact that you wrote this on Mr. Wonderful Day just even gives more fuel to my one sided, internet love affair with your writing (and of course your hip game. Your hip game is STRONG!).

    I think I love you (too soon? Yeah, too soon.. my bad).


  2. MagicSam

    I came to your blog because you wrote a very kind comment on ours (Hit It and Quit It), and also because you had a hot girl in your photo.

    Turns out you ARE that hot girl in the photo, although, in this world of Nigerian internet scams I'm not sure I believe it.


    I want to believe it seeings as you love Stevie as much as any living thing should. He is indeed a gift from God/Jah/ET

    Happy Birthday Stevie 60 years young

    and thank you Logan


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