What would be your at-bat theme song?

Wilt plus Bunnies, 1963.

and, of course, my new true burning love, the instrumental of this Just Blaze blazer.

Tons more important than What will you name your first-born child? the implications of this decision are far-reaching and could result in my peers mocking me.

“Ha Ha” instro

RZA Can’t Stop Me, which is a crisp, cleaned-up version of the Whatnauts.


Stones Monkey Man bassline.


If you had a stadium-pumping song for when you stepped up to the plate, what would it be? Tell us in the comments below. We put together our own NPR nine-song starting lineup to get you started.

Motorhead’s Ace of Spades is unquestionably dope. Monch’s Simon Says.

Freddie’s Dead.

Cali Hills instro. I need this like the air I breathe.

The Gap Band – “Outstanding.” Underused adjective for an attractive lady. Handclaps. All the ’90s babies would think it was that Soul For Real song.

I’d need something involving counting, bass, melody, a BPM conducive to walking slowly and purposefully up the the plate, and a deeper–perhaps clever or cheeky–meaning. This means the “Fall in Love” instrumental. This would make the crowd sad, though, because of the Dilla pathos.

Superman Lover, which, even though is about a dude, doesn’t matter because, you see, I transcend gender. Also, Ghosty.




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