Heeeeere’s Ronnie. (groan! sorry!)

[Stephen Dunn / Getty Images]
Nicholson + Artest, just like they practiced it during dress rehearsal.

Inell Young – “The Next Ball Game,” AKA “Friday Night, Please Don’t Call Me Unless It’s During the First Quarter.”


Unrelated: Sleigh Bells, “Tell ‘Em,” which (don’t get your hopes up) is NOT a tribute to Soulja Boy. Even though I kinda feel like white girls in bands singing sweetly over hard sounds get a disproportionate amount of love and shine and credit for musical risk-taking (I can say this because I’m a white girl, but you can’t), I LIKE IT SO MUCH. Hurry hurry and like it too, before B.o.B. raps over the instrumental.


“Crown on the Ground” is good too.



One thought on “Heeeeere’s Ronnie. (groan! sorry!)

  1. danps

    It's so cute to see you all excited about the Lakers' nice little run in the postseason. Please unplug your television prior to game 1 of the NBA Finals, aka The Four Game Coronation of King James.

    However, to give you some LA awesomeness in June I direct your attention to In Ruins by Fol Chen, which will be on Part II: The New December. They killed it a couple years ago with “Cable TV” and they killed it again with this one. I hope that will be enough to salve your wounded hometown pride.


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