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Cyber-Digging Is Never Ever OK Acceptable This One Time Because of Future Grandchildren: a Photo Essay


L1100649-3It’s classic Logan to sit back and assume they’re nowhere near the end of rifling through his stacks, then to hear that they’re no longer rifling through his stacks. I can’t risk it this time, as I have future grandbabies to think of.

L1100659-2 450

L1100658-1 450-3

L1100662-1 450

L1100663-1 450


L1100674-1 450

keith jarrett 11
L1100669-1 450

Keith Jarrett. Treasure Island. Impulse! (AS-9274 promo), 1974.

Jarrett, Redman, Haden, Motian, Johnson! I’m a godless heathen raised in a weed den and I like more rambl-y, 12-minute-long Keith, but that “Rich and (The Poor)” open takes me to church every time. FUCK OFF, NORWAY!

L1100673-1 450-2

L1100675-1 450

L1100672-1 450

L1100671-1 450

L1100680-2 450

L1100677-1 450

L1100683-2 450

L1100676-1 450-2

Time out. Look at how cute this dress is. Jesus.




dilla car city-1

“The king of that.”



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