Communications 306: Images of Hip-Hop in Popular Media

Sometimes the posts just write themselves.

Perusing today and reveling in pictures and words documenting the Lakers‘ victory, I came across this photo. Rick Reilly and his big dumb writing style came out with a big dumb book called Sports from Hell, and one of the chapters is about chess boxing. So, once again, the Wu is present in all aspects of my life.

Chess boxing involves two combatants alternating six rounds of chess (four minutes) and five of boxing (three) until one of them is either checkmated on the board or knocked out in the ring, or time runs out on the chess clock. In that case, whoever is ahead on the cards of the judges is the winner.

U-God’s first 2 bars! Jacques Cousteau! Rae’s beef with commercial-ass n—as, which is the exact same beef that I have! A sharp sword to the midsection! ODB’s joyful wail before his verse starts!! My peoples, are you with me? ARE YOU? The game’s a mystery, it really is, but I’ve heard it’s like a swordfight. Be less mega trife, adopt a lil toad style, and I’ll bet you win.

(Just pretend it’s the first time hearing it again. I can’t think of a better use of your next 4 and a half minutes.)



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