Sometimes I’m such a girl.

Televised competitions of sport and strategy can be a pretty incredible thing.

Above: Bob Huggins (affectionately called “Huggy” in apt. 15) dirties up his nice suit and crouches and consoles in front of millions, thereby making me tear up in my tiny Los Angeles home yesterday. Obviously it’s chic to hate Duke, so I was already a Huggins groupie, but uncalculated acts of care between men representing the fine state of West Virginia suddenly and without warning make me a proud, red-blooded Mountaineer. I gave myself a little hug and held my breath and didn’t once think of a Redman song (Da’Sean Butler is from New Jersey, I hear). PS, Da’Sean Butler. You’re 20 years old and your ACL has just painfully informed you your whole life trajectory will change. Just how deep can shit get, you know?

And thus I have created the first post in my life that can accurately be tagged with both “Girlyness” AND “A tomboy moment.”

Darron Cummings/ AP photo / April 3, 2010. West Virginia coach Bob Huggins consoles forward Da’Sean Butler after he injured his knee in the second half against Duke.


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