Jim Marshall.

The “Greetings from Johnny Cash” photo and the Jimi lights his sex weapon on fire” photo mean he would’ve gotten a tribute post on here eventually. There are other beauties, however. Look/swoon:

Richie opens Woodstock, no big deal, 1969.

Sly in Hat, San Jose, 1968.On Jim’s page there’s a story about Sly at Doris Day’s house, white girls, and coke (back when it really meant something. Now everybody’s got white girls and coke, you know? People used to ooh and ahh when they’d see me in the streets. Now the market’s been flooded and it’s sad for me.)

Led Zeppelin, knits, denim, and pendant necklaces, Los Angeles, 1970. (That’s 40 years prior to you, Every Dude in My Neighborhood In A Band*.
[*That’s Every Dude in My Neighborhood.])
Monk, Monk’s smile, Monk’s hat, Gillespsie, Wilson, Monterey, 1963.
Dr. John, San Francisco, 1983.

Allman Brothers, Live at Fillmore East color shot, 1971. Jim is the one who stenciled the band’s name on those flight cases! NOW I KNOW! “I’ll take Weed Rock Album Cover History for $800, Alex.”
“Muddy with Suspenders.” Chicago, 1970.

“Tom Cat.” I don’t know why I love every song that sounds just like dirty sex. I JUST DO. I would appreciate you not over-analyzing that. PS, Muddy, call me.



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