We done rocked shows abroad and slept on floors.

I couldn’t do what I do without the assistance of Nutella, Wild Pitch, Alpha Pup, Warren Zevon songs about LA and basically all Asylum records circa ’71-’72 on which my parents raised me, cute underpants, cute bathing suits, and yummy corporate coffee (I’m a bad person) with tons of sugar, cream, and cinnamon. And evidently all that my buddy Jati Lindsay needs in order to do his respective thing is some sort of camera (I’m guessing a Leica?) and a ride to the 930 Club in DC in late December 2009 on what must’ve been 2 very cold and wintry nights.

Along with the sheer beauty of these black-and-whites comes a live hip-hop lesson, in which we finally understand, once and for all, that the index finger-middle finger-ring finger mic grip, with the pinky providing steadiness and control, is THE industry standard.

Thus far, my day has consisted only of gazing intensely at these and wishin and hopin that the Roots|Nappy Roots|Grass Roots Tour (Summer ’10) passes through LA.

The Roots, “Water.” Dumbin, just embracing the dope like it’s a woman. Handclaps + bassline, circa ’02. I would physically make love to this song if I physically could.



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