Aretha. Andrew. Sly.

Jerry Wexler + Aretha, an epic coupling in the long, long history of Urban Judaic Man Signing Green Young Talent to Contract in Order to Lay Down Gorgeous Tracks Together.
Spector + Ronettes, Clive Davis + everybody, Rifkind + Wu. Etc.

1. News items about old singers whose influence cannot be quantified always gets me thinking What are we gonna do when ________ dies? (Prince, Stevie Wonder). Sorry to be so morbid. By contrast, I do believe that a recently-unearthed, Sydney Pollack-directed documentary of Aretha recording 1972’s Amazing Grace will provide us with some life-affirming positive energy. Please remember that from here on out, any lack of appreciation shown for Aretha will result in me sitting you down and pulling out that dusty old Marianne Faithfull quote to show you. Again.

“One Step Ahead.” Columbia-years Aretha. I’ve posted it before, but I can’t help myself because, you see, I know…I can’t…afffoooorrrd to stop. (00:53).


“Rock Steady.” Perfection, due to its combination of jangly guitar, mention of the motion of hips, and sheer meta-ness because I LOVE a self-referential song. Let’s call this song exactly what it is (what it is, what it is, what it iiiiis).


2. “Do not build fortresses to protect yourself; isolation is dangerous.” Andrew Bynum of my beloved Lakeshowww (he’s the only one on the squad without a current hand injury) is getting all grown up now and has just discovered Robert Greene’s The 48 Laws of Power [CNN]. Welcome to the year 2000, Andy! You heard Supreme Clientele yet?

The 49th Law is “Always heed the advice of Mr. Sky Hook.”

I already posted this one before too, but it gets a second nod simply based on the line I know I talk a lot of shit but I can back it up, part of the vast collection of statements I love because they are things I could never get away with saying In Real Life. Also, it gets a second nod ’cause it’s M.O.P. Duh.

3. Goddammit, Sly Stone, your music makes my brain hurt and my lady areas feel nice and even though you’re a space alien we still celebrate the annual marker of your years here on Earth. You and Kool Keith have that in common. Happy birthday.

“Equinox symmetry and the balance is right/Smokin‘ and drinkin‘ on a Tuesday night.”


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