Go ahead and smile, you old grouch you.

No dark sarcasm in the classroom with these kids ’cause they’re too busy making me bawl and clutch my hands together and cry out with joy over their vocal stylings. I got that familiar ol‘ lump in the throat that hasn’t been this intense since that week the Saints won, I first saw that Google commercial, and I realized all my favorite rappers are deceased. Oh dear.

I thought I had grown tired of Phoenix, so it’s quite a feat the way the PS 22 Chorus is punching me in my emotional center, appealing to my girly sensibilities and fondness for children and organized singing, and making me love this song even though Phoenix are dullsville and over-playedsville thanks to being on constant rotation at Forever 21 (where, coincidentally, there’s this butterfly dress I need to complete my life and make me feel like my time here hasn’t been a big waste. Size S. So girly and pretty. Gimme. Thanks in advance, baller.)

Anyway, press play! You’re not any less of a man if you get a little teary-eyed over this one, promise.

The future Jeopardy! champ in me also feels it’s important to add the tangential fact that the film Lisztomania was the first to use Dolby Sound (so says my sometimes-enjoyable-but-rarely-dependable boyfriend Wikipedia.)


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