Roland Kirk, Hip! Fontana, 1965.

Kirk Hip 4

All the covers in Fontana’s “Popular Jazz” series feature an excited young woman and a shouty title in huge typeface – Erroll Garner’s is Move!; Clifford Brown’s is Warm! You got Oh Brother! for Les McCann, Cattin’! for Coleman Hawkins, and Gerry Mulligan’s is SAXY!, of course.

Hip! is the Roland Kirk one – a comp from the Mercury/Limelight years – so named because HOLY FUCK IT’S ROLAND KIRK! was not appropriate for midcentury music label marketing.


2 thoughts on “Roland Kirk, Hip! Fontana, 1965.

  1. John hathwell

    Roland Kirk??? He sucks. Dude stole his ENTIRE STYLE from Ian Anderson. Now there’s a real flute player!!!

    Also, why do you put your girl on blast in these pictures instead of just showing yourself? I personally think it’s cheap and exploitive.

  2. Walter Frank

    Some years ago, I took notice of the two Fontana record series “Jazz Club” and “Popular Jazz” due to their salient cover artwork (the women …). As to the cover of Vol. 1 of the “Popular Jazz” series (Charlie Byrd – In!, released in 1964), the woman sitting thoughtfully on a bar stool might be suitable for a nice copycat photo session (would love to see ya posing like her). Went to one of Charlie’s last live acts in 1997, by the way. He still had the “magic fingers” then – amazing (just like his big hero Django Reinhardt)!


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