Detroit Emeralds, You Want It, You Got It (Westbound, 1972).

Detroit Emeralds You Want It 1-2

I do not recommend Googling the name Armen Boladian if you’re a music dork and you want to stay in a good mood, but back in ’72 I would’ve wanted to give him a great big hug on account of FUCK YEAH WESTBOUND RECORDS. This one came out in late winter, bookended by the lovely lovely sounds of Denise LaSalle’s Trapped by a Thing Called Love and the Ohio Players’ Pain. (FUCK YEAH, WESTBOUND RECORDS.)

Years later, I would finally succumb to peer pressure and do my cover version, even though I’m anti-fur and Daimler AG just don’t make em like they used to.

2 thoughts on “Detroit Emeralds, You Want It, You Got It (Westbound, 1972).

  1. Big Rollo Smokes

    I may still have this somewhere unless my dad reclaimed it. I always got a chuckle out of the fact that they called themselves “The Detroit Emeralds” even though their Michigan- or Ohio-made ride had New York plates and the setting is oh-so-Harlem. BTW, your boots are BADASS.


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