2 from Brooklyn, 2 from Queens: rappers somehow the focal point of each of today’s lead stories

1. Mos on Austin City Limits this Saturday! Watch Public Television, you guys; be more classy.

I’m secretly more excited about the Steve Earle and Allen Toussaint episodes since I have the same taste in music as a slightly hip, 59-year-old white man. HI DAD!

The Meters – “Hey! Last Minute.”


2. Playoffs this weekend! ALL HANDS ON DECK!

There will be lots of teary-eyed viewing in apt. 302 when CBS does the inevitable “Pierre Garcon’s family is Haitian” story. We’ll break out the sandwich platter from Costco and if you keep the Red Stripe flowing I’ll probably do my version of “Queen’s Gambit” while staggering around my living room. “I told her to stay strong, not to be ashamed!/You’re a Ten I See, you just need to Titan your game.” The only thing better than a pun? A football pun!

3. “Young people who commit crimes anticipate dying early” – Science Daily.

The overall theme here is You never know when you’re gonna go. Although young criminals are aware of the risks of violent injury, death or punishment, the possibility of a shorter life span encourages them to focus more on the “here and now.” Specific crimes noted include robbin foreigners and ripping green cards. Also, I happen to know for a fact that most of these dudes got their first piece of ass smokin blunts with hash.

4. James, this Lady Loves you ’cause you’re so Cool. Wish it were ’85 again, but time marches on. Happy birthday.

“Jingling Baby.”



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