The 6 best things about the fact that it’s Rae’s birthday.

1. Baby Corey, of course (I pull it out every couple months or so; it just never gets old):

It provides an excuse to nerd out on U.S. history.

January 12, 1968: Jacques Cousteau’s 1st undersea special on U.S. network TV. Related: Rae’s influence is vast and wide, with a flow as choppy as a goddamn sea.

a) Slyly working lyrics into conversation at various points throughout the day, while still having it sound natural:

Like a 27-inch zenith, believe it.
Make ’em jump like Rod Strickland.
Everything realer than fuck!
(I’m less successful at this than I’d like.)

b) Really sitting back and appreciating songs about fresh death, good meals, the pharmaceutical industry, and expensive liquor that somehow aren’t boring. Impossible, they said, and yet Rae continues to surpass performance measures.

It provides an excuse to nerd out on Billboard-charts history.

January 12, 1968: #1 R&B hit was “I Second That Emotion,” by Smokey Robinson & the Miracles*. I kinda feel like giving Rae a lifetime of devotion, so this makes sense. The non-R&B hit that same week of that same year was “Judy in Disguise,” with that jubilant bassline. If you can find a way to connect this to Rae, I’m eager to hear from you, New Best Friend.

Lots of celebrating through indulging our senses in apt. 302 – which really just means cuddling with the Ghostface doll, dialing 1-900-Raekwon, and drinking a Red Stripe (champagne: NO.
Moet tastin like throw-up). Also: maybe taking a bath with a white woman.

Not being able to take the day off from work, but having a nice Breaks Interlude™ upon arrival back home and seeing once again that All Roads Lead to Smokey.



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