Scene from my dream life: being a Blue Devil this semester (9th Wonder, Duke professor)

This semester at Duke, 9th Wonder will begin his new gig co-teaching an African-American Studies class called “Sampling Soul,” which will examine songs from the Civil Rights and Black Power Movements. In response, I don’t think I’m being dramatic when I say, “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.”

WATCH ME NOW/FEEL THE GROOVE! Breaks + college coursework + hiphop producers + music nerdery + American history + American civil rights history + ’70s everything + ’70s music + ’70s soul music in particular? I.E., EVERYTHING I LOVE AND EXCEL AT, COMBINED INTO ONE FANTASTIC THING? This news, and my related fantasy of attending this class and being star pupil and teacher’s pet, got me feeling good, like Laettner vs. that buzzer, son. I’ve never really been a Duke basketball fan, but Coach K’s epic army of consonants in his last name has always amused me. And now with the addition of 9th Wonder to the faculty? What’s that term the kids use? “It’s a wrap”?

The class is studying soul music from the 60s, 70s, and 80s, the neighborhoods it came out of and where was the influence for this song to come out of, 9th says.

“I’m excited man, it’s a new frontier for me. I’m always excited for new frontiers. Me too, 9TH! ME TOOOOOO. See you at Cameron, my dude.


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