Willie Mitchell, record collection superhero (even without the Wu link)

“The synergy between Al Green’s magnificent vocals and Willie’s crisp & sophisticated production and arrangements became the soundtrack to the endless summer of the early seventies.” Willie Mitchell was born in Mississippi in 1928. He died today. Even so: that endless early ’70s summer soundtrack goes on and on in apt. 302! Love you, Willie.

Memphis’ Hi Records held Al Green, Syl Johnson, Ann Peebles, and O.V. Wright in its warm, enveloping bosom while Willie did the production. He had Al Green use the same dirty old RCA microphone during the recording of all his ’70s songs; the 2 of them became so attached to it that they named the damn thing: “Number Nine.” I find this so charming, words fail me. Love you, Willie.

I done told you 59 times: everything was better in the ’70s. Just everything. Um, you ever heard an Al Green record? NOTHING FURTHER, YOUR HONOR.


One thought on “Willie Mitchell, record collection superhero (even without the Wu link)

  1. Christian

    Hi Records in the 70s was untouchable. I'm still trying to find some open Al Jackson Hi records drums that don't have tappity rim shots all over the place. RIP Will.


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