Junie Morrison, Freeze (Westbound, 1975).

junie 1-1“Arranged by, producer, composed by, drums, bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, clavinet, synthesizer (Mini-moog, Arp String Ensemble), grand piano, Hammond B-3, talkbox, vocals: Junie Morrison” – back cover.

Posing, keeping hair looking fucking fantastic while posing, staying strategically covered by flimsy robe, and spouting unsolicited music history while posing, though? That’s alllllll me.


One thought on “Junie Morrison, Freeze (Westbound, 1975).

  1. Julian

    Hi Beautiful One…

    I can only guess that you are just getting over Prince’s death…

    I happen to be a great great fan of the Ohio Players since I first heard their “Fire” hit song back in 1974.

    I was wondering if you could post a download link of Junie’s Freeze album. Is that possible?

    Stay healthy…



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