The Harold Wheeler Consort, Black Cream (RCA, 1975)

HFS Harold 1264

Harold Wheeler’s music credits are a long, strange trip – played keys on the original “Blinded by the Light,” conducted for Galt, and did the arrangement for Nina Simone’s truly bonkers/unpleasant version of “My Way.” Get this one for the opening/title track, the closest thing to sexy that a man named “Harold” can produce and the best slinky banger that Isaac Hayes with Johnny Allen on string arrangements never recorded. It’ll give you something to talk about with Yasiin Bey if you ever get stuck in an elevator with him.

2 thoughts on “The Harold Wheeler Consort, Black Cream (RCA, 1975)

  1. Darren

    Hello Logan, yeah – this is still a smooth piece of vinyl. To this day, I still can’t understand how this has never made it to the smaller shiny silver platter? I have to agree, the title track is the stand out selection – filled with wah wah and ballsy brass which epitomises ’75 funk. On the flip side – and arguably the albums lowest point – What the hell did Wheeler do to Stephen Sondheim’s Send in the Clowns? I can’t help but conjure up disturbing visions of a chimp let loose on the ill fated Stylophone – which just happened to stop production in the very same year of Black Cream – I like to think that was just coincidence and not a death sentence… However, despite its small annoyances, I think this album still has a lot to offer – shame it has been so sadly neglected over the years, I’d certainly like to see it get a second outing, its too good not to have a place where it can be genuinely appreciated and perhaps gently hugged beyond contentment. Inspiring choice.


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