Your memory banks have forgotten this funk.

Dave the Cobra

If this isn’t the best MLB/Parliament/Jimmy Buffett collab post you’ve seen today, please keep it to yourself and let me keep up the charade. Don’t hurt my feelings.

Citizens of the universe, recording angels, I have returned to claim the pyramids and also to remind you that Dave “The Cobra” Parker fucking ruled and I absolutely HAD to do a tribute post. (T-shirt courtesy of Homage – thanks, guys!; glide in my stride and dip in my hip courtesy of genetics – thanks, Mom and Dad!)

I have zero allegiance to the Pittsburgh baseball Pirates, but I know the importance of names like Stargell, Clemente, and McCutchen, and I damn sure know the importance of Dave and his shirt of interplanetary galactic radness made possible by the combined efforts of the cotton industry, the really pure coke of ’70s northeast America, and George Stanley Clinton, jr. I just watched the 30 for 30 about the ’89 World Series, during which I realized that Rickey Henderson isn’t the only Athletic I adore – Dave was also on that squad that swept SF, prompting me to remember the existence of this picture and then do a tribute to him.

[I didn’t have a Pirates uni to put behind me like Dave in his picture, but the A1A album by Jimmy Buffett will do, as it contains “A Pirate Looks at Forty” (the song that made me realize Buffett can write a great song and is more than just “the ‘Margaritaville’ guy who sometimes gets thrown out of Heat games”)].


2 thoughts on “Your memory banks have forgotten this funk.

  1. Thes Finesse

    i love your blog. i think it’s magnificent. i’ve been noticing for a long time that you have “replica” tees of shirts artists wore. so i’m wondering, where do you get them or perhaps is it custom made?


    1. Logan Melissa Post author

      Thank you! This tshirt was sent to me by a company called Homage, but the other shirts I’ve worn in pics have been “made” by me – Marvin Gaye, Bill Withers, Bobby Womack. I just send a photo I like to a screenprinting site, order the type of shirt I want, and hope that the estates of these guys don’t sue me 🙂


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