Fishbone, Truth and Soul [Columbia, 1988 (2014 RE)]


I fucking love Fishbone. Who doesn’t?!??

(I will fight anyone who doesn’t)

In this album’s liner notes, the band thanks George Clinton, Brian Eno, John Cusack, and God – in that order. Seems about right to me.


3 thoughts on “Fishbone, Truth and Soul [Columbia, 1988 (2014 RE)]

  1. Deyo

    I saw Fishbone a lot over the years, Angelo was known to hang at Bogarts down here in Long Beach once in a while.
    But the best gig was at Crenshaw High School in 90(ish maybe 91) in the auditorium. Sat an arms distance away from Perry Farrell and Flea and they killed it! Super Dope and still are.
    So is your site.


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