X, Los Angeles (Slash, 1980)


Last year I did a Manzarek cover recreation that afforded me the opportunity to speak on the degree to which the Los Angeles musical group the Doors is overrated. I made a lot of boys in the Internet sad and mad with my words, because people are stupid and sensitive and don’t like to be faced with the fact that the band whose CD was playing when they first tripped with their older cousin in 8th grade is overrated as HALE and coasted on the fame wrought by its pretty-faced, pretentious lead singer. You’re probably thinking I’m posting this record just so I can revisit that kind of fun and cause some trouble – poke the emotional-music-nerd bear, so to speak. But you’re wrong – I heart Manzarek and his spooky keys, actually, and I’m posting this because 1) I needed an “X” record for my aLPhabet project, and 2) this allows me to finally FINALLY use the caption DAT JOHN, DOE.

(This one also gives me an excuse to daydream about Darby Crash and David Hidalgo meeting in an elevator and talking about being on the same label. Fun!)

2 thoughts on “X, Los Angeles (Slash, 1980)

  1. Oscar

    Hey Logan, first time checking out your blog and I think it’s pretty rad! Off topic, but where are you doing your Record Store Day shopping this year?

    1. Logan Melissa Post author

      Thank you! I don’t really participate in Record Store Day; I’m more of a record store day* type of lady. But I did find that Hathaway one from the most recent RSD, months later and much cheaper.

      * Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday


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