Who needs to think when your feet just go.

It’s the birthday of Tina Weymouth, spectacularly talented producer, writer, singer and bass player (lady bass player!) for Talking Heads of course, but also Tom Tom Club, which prompts me to obsess over the, uh, genius that is “Genius of Love” and ask: Hey you guys, let’s you and me always ride for weird pop music, okay? Can we please?

It also provides a great reason for me to post my 3-point plan for understanding the meaning of life:

1. Basslines are sex.
a) Basslines made by girl bass players are extra sex.

2. Fun, natural fun. Sly and Robbie. Bootsy Collins. Coke. Love that makes you feel like you’re dreaming but you’re not sleeping. Raise expectations to a new intention. In sum: just go with the feeling, silly.

3. Ol’ Dirty guest appearances FO LIFE. Baby baby c’monnn, baby c’monn, baby c’monn.
a) Weird pop music to bloggily express your adoration for DC rappers FO LIFE.


Above the Law


The only CamERon appearance on this here blog, ever. Enjoy.


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