CMB! We all we got!!


On Thanksgiving I be passin out turkeys like Nino Brown, baby!

Look at what the Internet has placed before me:

Lennon* plus Snipes plus hiphop times nineties divided by Ice T equals texty tee I must have if I am ever going to smile again during my lifetime.

I’ve said I need things before. Many times, in fact. Those were lies, all lies. The only item I need in order to survive is the screenprinted, 100% cotton one above, because what else is there to wear when I take over The Carter?? I’ll sport it and then you people will be forced to finally respect my hustle.

Therefore, GIMME.

What I’ve forced on you above is yet another post written solely so I’d have an excuse embed a Fucking Classic Video from a Bygone Era. Today, it’s the video for this song. THISSSS SONNNNG. I love it, I need it, I wanna be on it. If this song came to Crazy Girls during my shift (Fridays at 11), it would get a free lapdance. And you, DJ Aladdin, darling, I know I say this to all the musically-inclined boys, but MARRY ME. How can I be down???

Special appearances by pagers galore, 19-year-olds with fifty-thousand dollar cars, and the one and only Michael G. Tyson:



Nice nod to the OG name of the Live at the BBQ guy. That font, though. It’s the wrong one, brought back from the “Breaking Logan’s Heart” Years (’97 – present) probably just to torture me. Dude, make um say appropriate typeface. I need some Old English, STAT.

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