“We above all that romance crap – just show your love.”

You got all the scenes of all good love stories in this video, I realized today while at work after hearing about Nick Ashford’s death (he and his lovely wife wrote Marvin & Tammi’s “You’re All I Need to Get By”). Meth and Mary act out The “when I’m not with you I’m alone even if I’m in a crowd”; it’s a classic. You got your “sitting, just being with each other, not needing to talk”; standard. And of course the “YOU’LL NEVER UNDERSTAND HOW I FEEL ABOUT HIM, MOMMMM” (while wearing your red crop top). Nobody understands us; they’ve never known a love like this before.

Nick Ashford, but the sentiment of good old-fashioned loving as a thing that’s crucial to survival is the same. During a period of time in which the Weeknd put out his latest mixed tape regarding fucking, space travel, pills and thighs and bellyaches, presenting an awful post-love dystopia, I want to yell out that love is spacey enough and anyway Kells has made enough music to last me a good 10 years. Love is spacey enough. 


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