Like that, Bron Bron? I had that ‘long time ago.

My favorite musical humans out of Virginia other than Bruce Hornsby are back with a mid-tempo jammy about relationships, money problems, their peers in the pharmaceutical and music game congratulating them on past successes, and having a hard time outsmarting cops. Oooh, and it was produced by Prince Paul.

JUST JOKIN, gang! The song’s produced by Pharrell and it’s about fucking and chopping up powder! That’s just the way it is/some things’ll never change.

It’s from some album dropping on some date in the not-too-distant future blah blah. NOBODY CARES. What matters in this situation is that I need the instrumental in my life and on my turntable, and I need to know where that piano break comes from. Also, I need the version where Cam’ron is absent from the proceedings. Also, I need a new life in which a) Cam’ron does not exist, and b) that accent in the name Cameron does not exist. Please have it on my desk Monday at 8 AM sharp.

“Popular Demand (Popeyes).” I know this song is everywhere, on every site today. I realize this. But you know how my enthusiasm gets the better of me sometimes (all the time). I had to post it! I’m dancing with the stars, stepping on blow/Doin the toe tap.


PS – INSTRO. In case you didn’t hear me the first time.


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