Har Mar. Jedi Robe Tricks. Mike H.

1. My agent did not apprise me of the casting of “Ambiguously ethnic girls who like glitter, pillow fights and popsicles” and now look, I got left out and didn’t get to kick it with Eva M. and Alia Shawkat on set.

Har Mar Superstar – “Tall Boy”

OF COURSE the dark-skinned lady is the one fellating a popsicle and this makes me say “Oh dear” to myself. Even if this image is ironic…umm, we’re not quite there yet as a culture. OH HAR MAR.
(I’m not looking to pick a fight with messages from media; fights just come lookin for me, you see.)

2. Jedi Bathrobe!
You know, so that The Force can help keep you warm and dry and not drip all over the carpet.

I hold down the Bronx like a fat Jedi/But my lightsaber’s not a laser, it’s a tech-semi.

Big Pun, “Loco Bananas”
(first and last Big Pun mention on here; I hope it was good for you)

This is so dope and so stupid that you must own it. And whenever you wear it, I will pounce and make sweet sci-fi love to you while softly whisper-rapping “You live at home with your mom” in your nerdy ear.

In a perfect Internet, Nas‘ “Star Wars” goes right here in mp3 form to help solidify this post
(ORHellz Wind Staff,” ’cause of that Luke Skywalker line),

but it just wasn’t meant to be (i.e., I couldn’t find it online because I’m inadequate).
S’ok, I’m gonna regroup, take some time to reflect, then come back even harder next time. Don’t lose faith in me.

3. NYC skate legend infiltrates my very Internet being. (sort of)

In the last 24 hours, a certain Mike Hernandez individual has come across my computer screen in 2 significant ways. He was last seen in Slap mag in my little brother’s room, in like ’95, but oh here we are, back together again.

First this,

NYC Bridge Rollers, riding high while propelled by the power of Faze-O. Much like myself.
Part of the “boys on fixies” trend that’s so hot a couple years back. ’07 STAND UP.

(via…I can’t remember. Prob Hypebeast.)

And this…back when getting your pic with him really meant something.
(Sorry, Hov!)

’98. Angela Boatwright photo.

Cheese Wagstaff – “New York.”
A) Remember this?, and
B) Whatever happened to this? Is it on an album, or no? Somebody take my hand and lead me to the light.



One thought on “Har Mar. Jedi Robe Tricks. Mike H.

  1. Rafi

    wow, i'm surprised you took note of the popsicle in a video full of one facial scene after another. the popsicle fellating seemed fairly innocuous to me when compared to all the money-shots throughout. and shouldn't eva m know better than this? she's way past the “welcome to miami” days. they prolly payed her in cocaine. oh, and i'm prolly posting this on ohword.tv. so thanks!


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