Scientists won’t let the swarm be great.

Overt group pride = group insecurity, say social scientists.

Research nerds (other than myself) seem to think that the hubris and expressions of braggart-ness displayed by a certain crack commando unit of MCs are an indication of insecurity and low social status as opposed to a sign of strength.

The new study reveals how two types of pride are related to a person’s good feelings about one social group or another to which they belong. These good feelings could come from being a Los Angeles Lakers fan (when they win), a war veteran, a member of a particular ethnic group or a sorority gal or fraternity brother. But while authentic pride is linked with real confidence in your group, hubristic pride is a false arrogance that belies insecurities about one’s group.

To this, I say It’s not braggin if you can back it up. I would also like to add: SUUUU.

This news is nothing new in my life, as I am aware that the groups with the most unwavering convictions to fight for what is good and just have historically been the recipients of the most hatred: feminists, Black Panthers, grown men who refer to themselves as swarming bees, thick like plaster, and who are like soldiers of fortune on the run for a crime they didn’t commit. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them…

Oh the triumph in this song! Don’t you feel like you could totally punch somebody in the face and get away with it when you hear this?

(See, also ’cause there was that song “Triumph.” It works on so many levels.)

. . .

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