Harold. Akira Ruiz. David & Andrea.


It’s not the men in my life, it’s the life in my men.

– Mae West.

2. Found this picture of Spectacularly Pensive Ron-Ron,

and this one, which I have lovingly named “Slightly Less Pensive Ron-Ron, Plus Children, in Queens,”

then discovered they are both from Akira’s site. As are these:

His Air Force 1 series is beautiful. I am fond of it.


There’s this thing that I do not have but that I need.
It’s called
superior handstyle.

3. JESUS CHRIST, looka here.

The 2 hippies!, pre-Logan, pre-marriage, shutting it down and straight changing the game with all the weed and Coors you could dream of, Santa Cruz mountains, 1975.
I can hear “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes” playing as I look at this.

Now please stop asking me where I “get it from.”

(Just kidding; don’t stop! I like it.)

In a related story,

My Parents Were Awesome.


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