Voracious Los Angeles Woman Demands More Good Rap Music (episode 8,012): David Banner,“Swag.”

“Let a white cop shoot a black kid/You’ll see a few tweets, that’s it.” Cranky Dave’s got a point here but he’s also perhaps missing the point that all of Lil B’s songs are from the future, when words don’t mean what we think they mean only we haven’t caught up yet so we don’t realize it. And can’t I be complex enough to have a master’s degree and still have a folder on my laptop dedicated to snappin & trappin songs? Can’t I? Or am I deluding myself? The intensity of this debate makes me feel like I should stop blogging and working for the government and just go back to stripping.

Still, that V-Nasty reference made me scream out YESSS, THANK YOU in apt. 680 when I heard it last night. And Cranky Dave is better than no Dave at all, because even when he’s cranky and message-shouting he still makes it fun and King of Diamonds-ish. GET EM.

“Get Like Me.” YES I’ve fucking seen a Chevy with butterfly doors. Stop asking, about 87 songs since this song came out. I only want David to ask me.


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