At least 2 pair.

No Fendi bag or bad attitude, but still.
We got a lot of private jokes to share.

Everyone knows the greatest and most Kenwood-bumpable songs written about and named in honor of a beautiful human with breasts and hips and soft skin are “Rosanna” and “Bonita Applebum.”

(“Veronica” is good too, but it’s about Elvis’s grandma so it’s not appropriate. This post is about ladies of song who dudes want to see nekkid. And “So Long, Marianne” is a throbfest of songwriting skill in the form of tortured reclusive foxiness known as Legendary Human Leonard Cohen, but it’s too somber for the Kenwood, silly).

I know there are a million of ’em, named for pretty ladies Allison and dear Yvette and Sally and Jessica and Melissa and Iesha and Carolina (so good I had to link to it), but it’s done. The decision has been made. It’s these 2, at least for now. Only ’cause nobody ever wrote a song called “Logan.”
(Pouty face)

Meet.You.All.The.Way! Sometimes the vinyl of this plays in apt. 302, but it’s really more of a driving-around-in-the-Civic, end of summer knocker; if you get really lucky, you don’t hit any red lights during the chorus so you can sing it freely without being self-conscious that the dude in the car next to you is watching.

Ain’t no need to question the authority satisfies the “Boss me around” requirement I seek from an MC, but So far, I hope you like rap songs is the cutest line of all from the musical year of 1990. This girl has that mean physical geometry of 38-24-37, and it’s the 37 that displays to the boys her bum like an apple. OH BONITA. Even I have a crush on you.


3 thoughts on “At least 2 pair.

  1. What's Up JR?

    There's kinda rare with songs about the male gender, but i think Bat for Lashes really succeded with “Daniel”.

    And then you have this one about Roxy, with a video shot straight outside your homewindow.


  2. danps

    1. Rosanna was written for Rosanna Arquette – did you know that?
    2. My brother absolutely LOVED that song. I liked it but not at the freakout level he did, and I still remember the glare he gave the radio when it came on and the DJ made a Rosanna Rosanna Danna crack.
    3. The dream ends on Saturday, bitches. You will see Terelle Pryor running up and down the field on your sorry asses in your dreams.


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