Rick & Run have a chat, next to a van, in ’87.

Yeah man, in ’09 you and D and Jay are gonna get a whole fuckin street named after you!


I’m tellin you! August ’09. 205th & Hollis Ave will become “Run-DMC JMJ Way.” It’s a mouthful, but it’ll happen. You’ll see.

Also, I heard they’re changing Linden to Kool G Rap Boulevard. Or maybe Large Pro Way.

“And so now I’m just standin here shootin the gift
Me and D and my Adidas standing on two-fifth.”

NYC District 27 Council Member Leroy Comrie, I applaud this, your political bankshot. And I love your hometown repping-ness. Well done, sir. (And hey, do you know anyone who knows anyone who knows Monch so that I may become someone who knows Monch? Thanksssss.)


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