You gotta let me read just a page of you, baby

A man reads the Koran on the first day of Ramadan while taking shelter from rain on a sidewalk in Lahore August 2. (Mohsin Raza/Reuters); The Big Picture.

I don’t get You’re beautiful emails; I get Nice blog, nerd emails. That’s the way I planned it and that’s the way I likes it; I know my visitors come to read my Fripp dorkouts, my Gibbs dorkouts, my ramblings about that moment when I realized K.R.I.T. means King Remembered In Time (pretentious, but I still like him). My visitors don’t even care that I have hips (right??) because the pleasures of language overpower any romantic feelings between us.

I’m taking a break from complaining about rappers, both because it’s the Lord’s day and because it’s not good for my psyche to be so focused on the negative. Enjoy.

He followed his own instincts about optimizing typography to fit his own eye, then recruited eight other dyslexics (whom he didn’t know) to help him iterate through four rounds of design to refine the letterforms.
One of the key features of Dyslexie is the extra visual “weight” it adds to the bottom halves of the letters. According to Boer, this is to help pin the letters to the baseline, which helps make them easier to read.

But like any serious typographer, Boer made serious individual tweaks to each letter to get it just right. “I can tell you that I have worked on the comma for four hours and the letter “a” for more than 12 hours,”

Frank’s got car-sing-along, Chris-Brown-levels beautiful harmonies, minus the no-holds-barred bitchery and absolute hatred of women that Chris tries to make us all forget about. Plus Frank’s got some musical blood running through him, being Billy Ocean’s son and all. J/K! I’m playin – Shabaam Sahdeeq and Raphael Saadiq are cousins, though. (J/K! Stop believing it just because of my trustworthy face!) 

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