“Miss, we heard you were sad because Drake is working with Stevie Wonder; here are some pictures of Doomsy at Montreux to make you feel better” – the rap gods.

Pro tools confiscated as evidence by the crime
Lab spyin, ain’t even have to do em like that
Knife work on the track
Many I cut and slash
At the neck like a sash
Blood on my hands, me and my killin bag
Raw shit, kill a gram
High spinnin ceilin fan
You ain’t never seen a man til you seen the man.



The Wizard of Rad, his belly, his red polo, and his light halo, along with the Robert Glasper Experiment, in a scene I really really want to call “Swiss Beats” (ST). I’d like to point out that he’s wearing an actual fitted so it turns out snapbacks aren’t really as back as you all thought. (Fools.)


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