Garrison Keillor & Cappadonna are infatuated with me.

What is the quality you most like in a woman?

High-spiritedness, wit, a love of repartee and wordplay and allusion and jokes–in other words, an English major.

– Vanity Fair

She elegant, pretty eyes, glasses, intelligent
Whispered in my ear that she’s celibate.
– “Camay

Not so sure about the intelligent and pretty eyes part but my glasses and English degree kinda make the boys weak. Quit jockin.
Also, your discussion of Cappa’s “celibate” line and whether or not it pertains to me is making me uncomfortable. Don’t act like I’m not sitting right here, please.


One thought on “Garrison Keillor & Cappadonna are infatuated with me.

  1. whatyawannagoaheadndo

    WTF!!!! You should be getting PAID for this advert.

    your financial adviser would like a word with you.


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