Things that are true and obvious and that should not be questioned, 07/31/09:

A) Just ’cause Biggie jokes and smokes a lot
don’t mean he don’t tote the glock,

B) E-40 is pushin more weight than Atlas
and got a partner by the name of 2Pacalypse

C) One million dollars in one-hundred dollar bills weighs twenty-two pounds (thanks, Frank Lucas!),

D) Goonies never say die,

E) Nobody cares about steroids except Congress, Dan Patrick, Stuart Scott, Jim Lampley, Bob Costas, and Jim Rome, and I wish with all my heart that this topic were not on every time I get in my car and turn the radio to sports talk,

F) I shoulda been here–AYO for fucking YAYO! ladies and gentlemen, it’s the Roots & Nickatina!



G) I need to be here.



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