Things I need in order to survive, 07/12/09

Today’s sin: gluttony!

(Goddamn YouTube didn’t provide me the superior, cuss-words version of this jammy; Ed does NOT kick things off with “Ayo brown is my complexion” in the version I know and love, just so you know. The bleeping out of “Adidas” to counteract any free product placement is pretty comical, though).

where’s that Biz doll you promised me?

Until it arrives, I’ve turned my attention toward some non-limited-edition, non-hard-to-find, kind of predictable (for me) wardrobe items. Jeans n’ heels n’ tank tops n’ music-lyric tees n’ bikinis are my style and they are boring but they are all a stripper/librarian, comedian/sex kitten, nerd/vamp needs in order to conquer the metropolis.

Lack of outer style but mad fucking next-levels inner style is the hotness for ’09, you had best recognize.
Please refer to A, B, C and D below.

This one’s been around a while but I have recently come to terms with the fact that we must be together for ever and ever:

And my whole crew is loungin!

Oh my, how I do love thangs with bows and ties and whatnot. And rainbows. And swim attire with an adorable name like “the candy plaid bikini.” I need this promptly, thanks so much:

The killer would’ve been ties at the hip on the bottoms–I love that on a bikini, to an unhealthy degree.

I need 25 dollars to make myself holler.

$25, that’s it! God bless Amerikuh.

These rightchere I have handled; they are scheduled to be delivered to apt. 302 tomorrow.

So simple and ladylike and so high; they will make me approx. 7 feet tall when I wear them.

“Each piece of VLING jewelry is made out of recycled vinyl records! Now you can wear your music!”

When I put this on my person, a necklace in the shape of some keys and made from an old record, then I will know I have truly reached my personal music-nerdery tipping point. I’ll buy it for the low low price of $27.99, then I’ll wear it to Trader Joe’s and you’ll be behind me in line and it’ll prompt a musically nerdtastic chat between us about keyboard magicians…Bernie Worrell, Stevie, Donald Fagen, Carole King, Isaac Hayes, and/or…umm….Michael McDonald?

In conclusion,


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