A commitment to excellence. In a cotton sundress.

I don’t wear too much gold because it’s tacky
I bust a Raider hat T-Shirt and Khakis.

I already knew about Biggie and NWA and DMC, but

It turns out that Too $hort and Chuck D and Bishop and ME all like the same football team!

PS – because I always have to offset an “NFL and fresh-dipped MCs” post with some girlyness,
what we have here is an interlude on how fashion can sometimes be

The corseted top of my simple dress keeps its shape and holds my girly parts in place because of thin metal or plastic pieces sewn into the garment. Many years ago, tailors and costumers used small whale bones for this purpose; as a result, we call it boning.

Much to my mother’s dismay, this is why I now prance around and show off my stuff in my cheerful yellow cotton dress and announce repeatedly, “I LOVE BONING.”

The dress is from H&M; the eyes & eyebrows are from way back when the Moors conquered everybody in Europe.
“You have face of baby! Large eyes.”

– Mr. Cherenkov in apt. 206, in Russian-accented English, every time he sees me.
FACE OF BABY. Los Angeles, you’re crazy and I love you.

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