Mr. Leadway, instant replay

Instant relay
Instant MC, producer, and DJ…

MosLib? MadDef?

Madlib helps me gain 10 lbs.
(Wait for it)


That Jaylib album is a great soundtrack for lounging around on Sunday, making cupcakes, and drinking Red Stripe with your little brother when he comes to El Lay to visit (just an excuse for him to go to HUF and Alife, I’m pretty sure).

(Cupcakes + lager will help me gain those coveted 10 lbs I need in order to straight CHANGE the GAME. This is the plan, anyway.)

PS, Is it wrong to be nostalgic for a year that wasn’t so long ago?
I MISS 2003, gang.

Me and Otis.
I’m feelin realllll smug here ’cause damn son!,
I got the bikini/Stones Throw poster game* in a headlock.


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