We used to kick routines and the presence was fittin*

There’s a Rae “Ice Cream” one on Up North Trips, too!

Because, yes, it’s been done, but no, it hasn’t been done in which the contenders are a nerdy bikini-clad lady blogger and an artsy fedora-wearing male blogger:

The “Brooklyn vs. Queens Hiphop Superiority Challenge.”
(No Biggie or Nas or Jay allowed.)

Daym, who took Brooklyn:

“blah blah blah Boot Camp Clik something something M.O.P. blah blah etc.

And in this corner,
, who took Queens because nobody would pick it given a choice between the 2 boroughs and because picking the underdog has yet to fail me:

“Mobb Deep, Run-DMC, LL, Monch, Akinyele, Capone & Nore, Beatnuts, Onyx & Serch (partial credit? combined they form 1 good MC), Marley Marl, Q-Tip, Large Pro, KOOL G RAP. Oh and The Ramones and Christopher Walken. BYE.

I won’t let the victory go to my head, promise.

*Also acceptable for the post title:
“Linden Boulevard, represent, repre-zent-zent”

“Friday night and Jamaica Queens funkin”
“If I die I couldn’t choose a better location.”

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